Welcome to the website for the open source software, dbParser!

Features / Requirements
dbParser is a database parser and searcher designed to parse through historical records and present users with searching options.
The current version (1.0a) has the following features :-
  1. Parse through database of known format.
  2. Present users with ability to search database using various field combinations.
  3. Front-End to do the said actions.

The software required Java SDK = 1.3 or greater.
If you wish for additional features to be added, please visit http://sourceforge.net/projects/dbparser and post a support request for those features.
The software is currently being updated with newer and better features.
Chossing a file :

Viewing the database:

The search dialog:

A sample search:

To download this project, go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/dbparser.
To look at other projects of mine, including MindMaps I have created on a variety of subjects, go to http;//embark.to/shivamohan
The project is currently being developed and administered by myself, Shiva Mohan. To visit my website, go to http://embark.to/shivamohan.
This project is licenced under the GNU Public licence (GPL).
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Thank you for trying my software!